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As a somatic movement therapist my aim is to support individuals feel healthier, stronger, wiser and happier. Working with touch, movement and dialogue I help you learn to trust your innate body intelligence and use the insights you gain to both alleviate your current physical symptoms and deal with underlying causes. Bringing healthy balance, vitality and sheer pleasure back into your life!

I have a special interest and experience in the field of perinatal and maternal health and wellbeing. In addition to individual sessions for mothers and babies I offer baby development courses and regular baby play sessions in Berlin to support parents.

Somatic Movement Therapy draws on the disciplines of Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy, Body Mind Centering®, Authentic Movement and Somatic Psychology. Sessions may include hands-on bodywork, developmental movement patterns, breath awareness, body-centered dialogue and movement exercises according to individual requirement.

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Ania is offering a workshop on 'Connective Tissue' as part of METHODEN INTENSIV DIVERSITÄT UND BALANCE - BMC®/IBMT 23-26 February 2015

Ongoing March - May in Berlin

A series of workshops for parents and parents to be on Baby Development. 'Baby Insights' will cover topic such as What does your Newborn Baby really need? Helping your baby enjoy Tummy time and Developmental playtime! contact for dates and venues.

21st/22nd March
in Vilnius, Lithuania

Professional development opportunity for people working with parents and babies (psychologists, kindergarten teachers, midwives, dancers and therapists) 'Understanding Babies: Insights from the field of Somatics'
Ania will introduce the developmental sequence from an experiential perspective, sharing her own approach and techniques and inviting participants to explore how they might apply this information to their working practice. The sessions will work through the first year of development from newborn to walking with time for personal exploration and reflection, and examples of practice and application in groups and individual examples. In English with translation to Lithuanian.

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