Ania Witkowska 2017

' The key to relaxed parenting is the quality of connection you create with your child. A respectful and clear understanding of their needs and how they express them is the ground from which this will grow.'

Baby language is body language. The movements your baby makes are not simply indicating that their brain and body are growing in form and function. Movement is about expression and communication and it is the only way a young baby has to make their desires known.  When you tune into their wavelength, you can find a different kind of logic, a fuller sense of connection and this will enhance your interactions with your child.  Developing parents skills and enriching the family experience is my passion. 

Individual consultancy sessions take a developmentally based approach- I have worked with families to help them learn about their newborn's needs,  to understand how to support their child into movement through floorplay, with sleep issues and much more. 

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