Ania Witkowska 2017

Baby consultancy

Individual consultancy sessions are not just for sleep issues. I offer home visits and praxis sessions to support individual babies and families.

What is consultancy useful for?

Dealing with a newborn can be stressful if  you don't have proper support. During a home visit I take time to help you read your baby's signals so that you understand what they want, provide developmental information so that you understand why they need it and make practical suggestions to make providing it more simple.


Perhaps you want a develop a deeper understanding of where your baby is at right now, what they are trying to learn and how you can best support them through play or through the environment you offer at home?

Maybe you have concerns about your baby's development and would value a second opinion and advice on gentle ways to encourage change.

Or would you like to take some time at the weekend, as a family, to enjoy and learn about your baby's expectations, explore activities, discuss introducing routine or how you will prepare older children for the arrival of a sibling.?

Are you preparing to travel and wondering what to expect from your baby over the next few months and what that may mean practically ?


120€ / incl. 90 mins session, follow up email notes 

subsequent sessions 65€ per hour long session

Praxis package- book 6 sessions and pay 300€ total.


Zone A/B 

170€ / incl. 90 mins session, follow up email notes 


Zone C/ South Brandenburg and Potsdam area

200€ / incl. 90 mins session, follow up email notes 



subsequent sessions  

150€  60 mins home visit

65€    60 mins praxis visit

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“ I am so grateful for Ania’s help with our baby. A few weeks after birth he began to cry a lot and we had great difficulty getting to sleep.  Ania  came to our house  and took detailed history and worked with great empathy with us all. Using a combination of bodywork and practical suggestions she helped us through this difficult phase of our family life.”  Christina

"Thank you, Ania, for your empathetic and competent help, finally someone who has really understood and attended to the situation. Dini is now much happier and can finally become independent. And we we feel more confident that we are able to support her movement development appropriately. It was a pleasure to meet you - we will definitely recommend your work. 
All the best and hope to see you again,'