Ania Witkowska 2017

Baby Massage & Mama Mindfulness

" It’s through our hands that we speak to the child. That we communicate. Touch is the child’s first language. Understanding comes long after feeling.”
Frederick Leboyer,
obstetrician and author of Loving Hands, 1976

Massaging your baby is the most natural way to communicate your love, support their development, relax their muscles, soothe digestion and gently help them ease into life in the world outside your body.

Giving a massage to your baby is also a wonderful way to help you relax and enter the world of the senses that they are living in. With a first baby it can help you become confident in handling your little one, begin to recognise how they tell you when things start to overwhelm them, make it easier to tune into their rhythms. With subsequent babies, sharing a massage is a wonderful way to spend some focussed and quality time with 'the new one'.

Each session starts with a deeply refreshing mindfulness exercise for the mamas to ensure that the massage is really pleasurable and relaxed. We focus on a variety of touch techniques and massage traditions including specific attention to soothing the nervous system and relaxing and supporting the digestion. The massage sequence is gradually introduced to your baby over the weeks, adding new strokes and spending a little bit longer on the massage each week.  The session ends with time to reflect , ask questions about child development, share your experience and enjoy the support and friendship we can offer eachother. 

Always popular, this small and welcoming course is regularly throughout the year.

Dates to be announced

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