Ania Witkowska 2017


somatic skills for pregancy and birth

We are exquisitely designed to birth our babies and the more we know about the process of birth, the more we connect to our body and learn to recognise it's needs, the clearer our connection with our baby, the easier the birth will be. Traditional birth preparation informs your brain but does not have the time to work with you on a physical level and prenatal exercise or yoga sessions, build stamina, release stress and stretch relevant body areas but do not always have time to go deeply into the actual birth.


This Somatic Birth training works intensively with body and mind over 5 weekly meetings. You will work experientially through the physiology and progression of birth ensuring a clear understanding. You will  explore the implications of your environment and your expectations and how you can make sure they are working for you rather than against . You will learn the key techniques you can use to support you - breath work, visualisation, movement practices, identify the ones that work best for you and practice them so they feel easy and natural on the day. And finally there is one session to work with your partners on positioning and what to expect in the days after birth.

An opportunity to  delve deep and feel strong in a small, intimate group setting - just 4 people per course. ( partners join you in the last session).


Session themes

1.  My pregnant body - Power vs fear during pregnancy and birth.

hormone activity and its purpose, identifying your expectations and understanding your body's physical preparation.

2. First stage of labour- Easing into the unknown. Anatomy and physiology of first stage. Understanding and working with pain. Techniques and coping strategies.

3. Second stage of labour - The pleasure of the reflexive push. Anatomy and physiology of second stage. Listening and responding to baby and body. Perineal preparation. Breath and movement. 

4 Transition - connecting with and drawing on our inner strength. The intervention spiral and how to avoid it.  The power of the image- creating your personal body- mind map

5. Partnering - practicing positions, mental preparation. A session with your birth partner to practice taking weight with minimum effort, using alignment and positioning. Experimenting with positions for pushing and how to shift and move between them easily and fluidly. Discussion of the partners role. Third stage and postnatal needs. 

The course is designed to complement  attendence at a Krankenkasse financed Geburtsvorbereitungs class run by a midwife who will be able to give you more information about specific hospital protocols.







Next course starts

Tuesday 30th May / 17.00-19.00
5 x 2 hour sessions ends June 27th
170€ per person 
4 participants only  one session includes partners (no extra charge)