Ania Witkowska 2017


Understanding Babies  fosters the qualities that help us feel happy and successful in our lives; a sense of self-worth, creative agency, the ability to pace ourselves and respond appropriately in times of stress. It celebrates us as adaptable and flexible individuals, problem solvers who love to learn, communicators who show empathy and respect for others. And at the heart of it all is the family bond, both baby and parent benefit by learning and sharing together in the loving and secure relationship that is the foundation for all development.

Gently opening adults awareness to the way development works through movement, touch and relationship with a combination of experiential activities and observations. You will find it easier to understand your child’s particular preferences and feel confident that your parenting choices are appropriate and suited to you both.

Understanding Babies draws its information from recent advances in perinatal research, developmental psychology and neuroscience  as well as over 30 years of innovative practice from the somatic movement and therapeutic field. 

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