Ania Witkowska 2017

From Rolling to Crawling and beyond!


Saturday 27th October 10.30-13.00


Tut Gut Praxis, Stubbenkammerstr 3,

10437 Prenzlauerberg- Berlin.

cost: € per couple

€ for an individual

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max attendance 8 couples

refreshments/notes  provided

The movement skills your baby acquires are not just about their body they are also fundamental to the development of their mind.  Every movement pattern explored helps to organise the structure of the brain, creating neural connections that will ensure that both brain and body are organised to their optimum level of function and flexibility. The ability to track words on a page while reading, to sit still in a chair when necessary and to grip a pencil appropriately when writing are all established by the integration of reflexes as she progresses through the Developmental movement patterns.  But it's not only about intellect. Movement is your baby’s first language, subtle variations of effort ; yielding, pushing, reaching, grasping, pulling and releasing, will express their intentions and desires and allow them to interact with others. Each pattern of movement creates new opportunities for expression and relationship. 

This workshop is designed to help parents better support their babies in their movement explorations. If you are struggling to make tummy time a fun, confused about how much or how little to intervene or simply want some more ideas to make your playtime even more useful. It is a mix of information and practical play/ movement explorations so baby comes too ( suitable for babies who are starting to roll onto their tummies or trying to work out how to move from their tummies into space, so around 4 months plus)