Ania Witkowska 2017

Newborn Baby 


Saturday 27th October 14.30-17.00

Tut Gut Praxis, Stubbenkammerstr 3,

10437 Prenzlauerberg- Berlin.

cost: € per couple

/ € for an individual

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max attendance 8 couples

refreshments/ notes  provided

Even a calm and gentle a birth is an intense experience, a delicate negotiation between two bodies requiring stamina, strength and a coordination of effort and release.  However much the birth may feel like the completion of a process for you- for your baby it is a beginning. Over the next 18 months that tiny newborn all snuggled in your arms will develop into a walking, babbling toddler - they have a long way to go and they are ready for it. This little baby is neurologically primed to learn. They will learn from every experience they have, every position you hold them in, every mood surrounding them, every sound, smell and taste that they sense. To help your baby negotiate, integrate and understand all these experiences they need someone to teach them how to organise their emotional responses, how to calm down from the excitement of the new. That person is you. 

Are you ready to care for your newborn? Do you understand how babies develop through movement , touch and relationship? Have you considered how you might feel, what kind of support you might need? What are your expectations?

The first few weeks of life with a newborn can be pretty turbulent. Taking some time now, before your baby is here, to consider what your baby needs and how you may meet it is a sensible investment of your time. This informative and practical workshop is your opportunity to  get to the real fundamentals of newborn baby care.  What does your baby need in order to thrive and how will they express those needs.  There is no 'how to' manual for baby's - it's a relationship between individuals and the bond between you grows as you  look after your little one. Being clear about the principles of development will make the practical every day decisions easier, help you connect to your instincts with confidence and enrich your experience of parenthood right from the very start.


Don't miss this opportunity to  prepare for life after birth and ask the questions you want answered.

" For prospective newborn parents this was the the most helpful workshop we have done. Highly recommended"

Louise, July 2017