Ania Witkowska 2017

The beauty of a an individual Somatic Movement Education session is that it is totally tailored to your needs. My skill in creating a safe and reassuring space for your mind is matched by the effectiveness of  my touch, tuning into your body systems, and supporting you to find space, balance and relaxation.


Because the work is so specific it is hard to describe a session but one might include hands on Integrative bodywork, breath and relaxation work, experiential anatomy, imagery and visualisation, action research, trauma work, physical exercises, as well as processing  through writing, mark making or discussion.

I am happy to work with you at any stage of pregnancy, either offering ongoing support and birth preparation or helping you deal with the discomforts or stresses that sometimes occur. Insomnia, constipation and pubic symphysis disfunction are all conditions I have experience of working with. I offer home visits in late pregnancy or to help ease stress and tension if you are on bed rest due to medical conditions. Your emotional relationship to your baby can also be addressed, helping you understand your feelings, feel more confident or more connected.

Working one to one can take place in praxis rooms, in your own home or  via skype or facetime. Contact me via the button below to discuss your requirements. 



Home visit  120€ for 90 mins 


Praxis sessions   75€  60 mins



420€ -6 x 60 mins  praxis package 


" As a person with a medical background I find it hard to believe in methods other than classical medicine. These bodywork sessions were so unlike anything I had known before, no comparison to the effect of a massage. For me it was such a deep relaxation and so long lasting.  

                        Ania has a very special touch!"  


    Svetla, Prenzlauerberg

Pregnancy one to one sessions