Ania Witkowska 2017

Pregnancy can be quite a ride both physically and emotionally. One to one somatic movement education will help you relax, accommodate your changing body and connect to your developing baby. I offer ongoing individual support throughout your pregnancy as well as one off sessions to address specific discomforts, insomnia, relieve stress and connect to your baby. details here

Hypnobirthing is a tried and trusted way to learn skills that will help you achieve the kind of birth you hope for and I am very happy to be able to offer courses and individual birth preparation. I trained with the Katherine Graves School on the Royal College of Midwives approved KG Hypnobirthing programme - one of the first such programmes to be established in the UK and  offered in many UK Hospitals. Hypnobirthing is a tried and trusted method of building confidence and dispelling any fears you have about giving birth. I chose this programme particularly because it is so well established and widely used, it is simple and practical and very effective. The training was inspirational and I look forward to supporting you to achieve a relaxed and positive birth experience for you and your baby