Ania Witkowska 2017

Sleep consultancy

Sleep is precious to us all  and caring for a baby can be very demanding when in comes to that aspect of our lives.  Most often I am called when parents have exhausted every other avenue, books, websites, friendly advice. I meet two very tired and anxious people who would like me to wave a magic wand and make it all better- I wish I could too... but magic is a bit out of my league! And I don't believe in making claims that are beyond my capabilities.

What I will do is take you through the process of assessing why your child is behaving as they are - does your baby have needs that are unmet, is there a trauma issue at play, perhaps your expectations are not in line with what is developmentally possible from them at this time?  


Then we work out a strategy that will gently and gradually help you and your child have more restful nights. It is a very individual process. My advice may involve play suggestions for daytime, changes to routine, relaxation exercises and support for parents and or babies, adjustments to feeding and sleeping arrangements. My advice WILL NOT include allowing your baby to cry it out alone. 

This process takes a home visit of around 90 minutes, after which I will email you a summary of the strategy we come up with and my recommendations. When you start to implement them I ask you to stay in contact via email - to give me feedback on how it is working and so that I can offer you support and we can make adjustments as necessary. Where sleep issues seem to be a result of birth trauma I can offer subsequent relaxation sessions ( praxis or home)  to support both you and your baby to process the emotion or refer you for osteopathic or chiropractic services. 



170€ / incl. 90 mins session, follow up email notes and 1 week email support. 


subsequent sessions  

150€  60 mins home visit

65€    60 mins praxis visit

Contact Ania 

"Thank you so much Ania ! Anton just fell asleep all by himself for the very first time.! Christina


And here we go again with miracle nr 2 for today: Anton just fell asleep while breastfeeding for the first time for months . The room was neither dark nor quiet. Go ahead and post on Facebook , I am so grateful."

"Ania is a very competent and knowledgeable person who, without using any sort of sleep training techniques, was able to advise us on how to improve our 6 month old baby‘s naps. Our baby went from five 30min naps a day, to mow three 60-120min naps a day. She is now able to stay awake for much longer periods of time and every one in the family is happier and relaxed. 
Besides the sleep support, Ania has also been great at giving us ideas to make playtime more fun and get your baby moving more. Thank you Ania!!"  Leonor, Sept 2018