Ania Witkowska 2017
Somatic Professional Development


An opportunity for body and mind focused Therapists, Educators and Heilpraktiker to enrich their current practice by developing their embodied presence.  Working experientially with the principles of Body Mind Centering® and Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy the sessions will support you to reflect on and resource your work.


The process of Somatic Movement Education starts with the body, using, awareness, touch, image, anatomy and metaphor in order to bring sensation into consciousness and support a deep connection of body to mind. 

This professional development programme begins with four, once weekly meetings in which we will work experientially to explore:


• our individual body system awareness and connection - where is          our strength, which systems are less known, less accessible to us. 


• selected embryological development processes and developmental    movement patterns.


• transitions, which tissues can support us in moving from listening to    giving. 


• touch, perception and intention 


Sessions will include sensing, movement, experiential anatomy, time to process, reflect and discuss specific applications, the similarities and differences between our disciplines. 


Sessions will be supported by reading materials, images and references and will be conducted in English - with a good understanding of German so if you are less confident to express yourself in English we can discuss and feedback in German.

if you are interested in a study group/ professional development  please send me an email and we can discuss options