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Understanding Babies parenting groups.

Understanding Babies is an approach that nurtures both parent and child. Our work gets straight to the heart of parenting with a combination of experiential activities, clear information and mindful interaction that is playful, practical and profound.


The drivers of our development are movement, touch and relationship and we start the course with an Informative experiential workshop for parent or carer that explores these foundational principles. In the six parent and baby sessions that follow we delve deeper into the various themes, observing the babies, enjoying playful activities and exploring strategies to help sustain parents and carers through the demands of parenthood.


In this unique combination of theory and practical discovery parents are gently guided into the sensory realm of the body, opening awareness to to the world from their baby’s perspective and building their confidence to parent in the way that suits their particular family. At a time that is often fraught with questions and anxiety we offer an intelligent and insightful perspective that will build your confidence, develop your skills and support you to relax and enjoy this precious time with your little one. 


Each  Course includes: 

One parent workshop (120 mins) and six parent and baby sessions (90 mins). Small groups for individual attention, yummy refreshments, written materials and mindfulness notebook 

Parent workshop 

Saturday 2nd May 2019 - 14.00-16.00  or  16.30-18.30 ( your choice of time up to maximum number) :

Parent only workshop ; to be attended by the parent of carer who will subsequently  attend the course  (if your baby is too young to be left for two hours they are welcome to be present as long as there is another adult there to attend to them throughout - you can of course, feed them as and when you need to)



Courses for non crawling babies 

Group A  10-11.30

Group B  13.15-14.45

May 9th, 16th, 23rd, June 6th, 13th , 20th Six weekly meetings for one parent with their baby 

Thursdays ( non crawlers 8 weeks until rolling confidently )

Course for crawling and walking babies 

Fridays ( crawling babies - belly or all fours ) May 10th, 17th, 24rd, June 14th, 21st, 28th 

Six weekly meetings for one parent with their baby

Group C 10.45-12.15 


Price:  169€ payable on registration. / Early bird booking by midnight Monday 8th April 149€ /


Venue:  Praxis für Körper und Seele, Schliemannstraße 41, 10437 Berlin (U2/ M10 Eberswalderstr ) 


Terms and conditions.

Your place is booked upon payment. No refunds available

If a session is cancelled buy the course director it will be rescheduled for the group. If you are unable to attend the rescheduled session you will be offered a 45 minute Skype consultation.

In cases where a booking has been made but the course has not yet started you are welcome to find a substitute parent to take over your place.

Further information:

The Understanding  Babies concept draws  on educational philosophies such as Pikler, Montessori and Reggio Emilia, which focus on observing natural development and supporting a child’s self agency with minimum intervention. The work is based on the principles of Body Mind Centering™ and informed by the work of Daniel N Stern, Veronica Sherbourne, Allan Schore, Ruella Frank and Francis Le Barre. 



Understanding Babies spotlights the pre-verbal period where the foundations for learning and relationships are established through movement and touch. Baby language is body language and the movements they make are not simply indicating that their brain and body are growing in form and function. Movement is about expression and communication and it is the only way a young baby has to make their desires known.  When you tune into your baby’s wavelength, you can find a different kind of logic which will enhance your interactions and help you see their needs more easily. That is the magic of working with somatic principles.

" ... as a first time mum you gave me the confidence to trust my instincts and how to encourage my babies development in the right way. I now have techniques that I can apply when he is tense, over stimulated, or simply grumpy, and have discovered some fun ways of getting down and involved with my baby is such an essential developmental stage of his life. It was also simply nice to have a place where I could ask questions and have ideas and advice specific to me. Plus it was always fun to see all the babies together and chat to a lovely group of women. ”              Leen, Spring 2017