Ania Witkowska 2017

Workshops for professionals

The art of teaching an experiential session, guiding participants through an individual process and then distilling from this the theory and principles they can apply in practice inspires and fascinates me. I am happy to develop workshops and seminars for specific situations and communities and welcome enquiries from organisations and individuals who would like to collaborate.

Recent topics have included 'Developmental Play in the Kindergarden Context' for the Kindernachsorge Klinik Berlin Brandenburg, "Soft-centers-  connecting with our organs"  and  "The Nature of Connective Tissue"  for Diversität und Balance Somatische Woche at the Somatische Akademie, Berlin, and Understanding Babies : A Somatic Perspective on working with Parents and Babies  which was presented in Moscow 2014; Vilnius 2016, 2015; Berlin 2016 and in Sofia in 2017.

“ It was great - thank you very much ! I received rich new professional knowledge and was able to go deeply into the material. Ania’s work is remarkable, I'm so happy for those mothers who are fortunate enough to have direct contact with it.” 

                      Anya -Clinical Psychologist, Moscow